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Exchange is essential for growing up. It allows us to confront ideas, to think and to increase self-awareness. Some say that new ways of communicating through technology enable people to escape their isolation. However, now seen as old fashioned, a paper letter written with care tells you that you are unique and worthy of the greatest attention. Someone took the time to focus entirely on you.



Facebook can be considered as pollution of our dialogues today. It spreads very quickly and it blends in with our daily life without being noticed. During my 6-days experience, the participants had contaminated my profile, using 50 previously-selected words. I asked them to look up a definition in a dictionary and to post it on my Facebook wall. The project developed by itself and I took a screenshot of my profile every day.



It produced 15 meters of Facebook news feed. Looking like a long conversation, the content was, in fact, a spreading of mere knowledge without interaction and reflection. It demonstrates the superficiality of interactions across social media.